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VizToolkit Controls Library – What’s new?
by Hormon

I’ve made some updates to my VizToolkit Controls Library. Mostly I focused on fixing bugs and implementing new features to existing controls that in my opinion were missing. Like before new version of VizToolkit dll is avaible for download along with documentation. Let’s take a quick look on what has changed since last release. [ … read more ]

Viz3 Scripting: Scripting Library
by Hormon

Last few days I spent making a small scripting object in viz3 scripting which will allow me to animate interactive panels from whithin script. I already had some functions to do that so basically I had to put it all together. So here it is – Animation Easing scripting object. [ … read more ]

Viz Memory Logger
by Hormon

Viz Memory Logger is a simple diagnostic application. It allows user to monitor and log into file any memory changes on any machine in your network running viz|engine. It was created using Viz Toolkit library for communicating with viz machine. Hope you’ll find it usefull.[ … read more ]

Viz3 Scripting: Zooming and Dragging
by Hormon

One of my subscribers asked me if I can make an article about zooming containers using viz3 script. I realized that there is rather poor documentation about implementing that kind of things. So I decided to create this short tutorial about dragging and zooming containers to fill this gap.[ … read more ]

Updated VizToolkit controls library
by Hormon

Since I’ve been quite busy lately and haven’t done much with my VizToolkit library, I decided to spend some time this weekend polishing it. I made few changes to existing controls and added two new ones, which, I hope, you’ll find usefull. [ … read more ]

Viz3 Scripting: Texturizing Tool
by Hormon

My friend who is designing bunch of virtual sets right now asked me to help him out with a problem they’re facing. They construct the look of scene in 3dMax or XSI and then when all textures are baked and object modelled export them from these apps. Next thing they do is importing objects into Viz. Everything’s great so far. But here comes trouble. Do you know what it is? Well viz doesn’t apply textures on imported objects by default. It’s not a huge issue when you have like four or five different objects – you can do this manually. But what if number of different objects reaches 200 or even 500?
[ … read more ]

VizToolkit beta released
by Hormon

Last week we were fighting quite a battle with the blog. After long hours of tweaking the html code we managed to implement simple download mechanism into it. So finally I’m able to share the first pre-release version of VizToolkit. It’s avaible to all registered subscribers of our blog in “Download” section. Please feel free to download and test it.