If you are interested in building control application shaped exactly for your needs, or to develop interactive scenes
we can help you accomplish this task. We offer wide range of services including full application development and programmers support. For more information contact us at .

We specialize in:


  • control applications dedicated for sport events

Dedicated applications have been used to control graphics during football, volleyball, basketball & tennis matches as well as swimming & athlethic competitions. Our solutions are flexibly designed and can be adjusted to fit specific client needs. We offer external database support to read data. We can also design plugins for timing protocols used to obtain triggers from timing systems.

  • control applications dedicated for tv games and shows

Each of our systems are specifically designed to be user-friendly. We analyse and implement logic layer specific to each of events. We can design communication models through various protocols to maximize performance and communicate with wide range of devices.

  • news systems

VizToolkit team has successfuly implemented sophisticated news systems in 24/7 news stations. Our software has 99.9% QOS and can be used to control tickers, transition-logic scenes and virtual sets.

  • interactive scenes

Since viz 3.0 was introduced VizToolkit team specializes in creating interactive scenes for multitouch screens. We can create standalone presentations as well as control panels which can be used to control all kinds of presentations on many machines at the same time.

  • virtual sets

We develop scripts to implement specific logic into virtual sets. Combined with interactive panels, virtual sets can be controlled from plasma screens or mobile devices.

  • mobile development

VizToolkit team has an experience with all sorts of mobile devices (Windows Mobile, Windows 7 phones, Adroid and iOS). Our offer include creating mobile application, but also designing script plugins and communication models to fit any client needs.