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This product is discontinued!
Due to very limited interest in VizToolkit Social Board we decided to close this project. You won’t be able to buy it anymore. Please note, that trial version is outdated and can have lots of unfixed bugs.


VizToolkit Social Board is a simple solution for displaying messages from Facebook, Twitter and RSS feeds on viz machines. It allows you to create as many feed sources as you like. By defining a group you can organize messages from different social networks by subject or category. Our application also allows you to publish messages directly to trio shows and take them on air. All this takes just a few seconds!

Key features

  • support for adding multiple Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • support for recurring searches on Facebook and Twitter
  • support for adding multiple RSS feed sources
  • automatically detects available templates in trio shows
  • support for editing messages before publishing
  • fast publishing – publish multiple posts within just a few mouse clicks
  • preview of published trio elements
  • export group of messages to XML

License information

VizToolkit Social Board is licensed per machine. It means each copy of the product can be used only on one machine. If you plan to use it on multiple machines you need to purchase a license for each machine.

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Support forum

Please follow  this link  to find out more answers about VizToolkit Social Board.

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