VizToolkit’s flagship product. VizToolkit Script Studio is a code-centric IDE for viz 3.x scripting language focused on developer productivity. The editor not only implements code highlighting for viz3 script but also introduces features like code folding, units mechanisms, code snippet insertions and many more. VizToolkit Script Studio is fully integrated with Vizrt’s viz|engine and allows you to compile
your code directly on your graphics workstation.

Since the application stores your projects locally you can manage them without access to viz|engine. Once connected to viz|engine machine VizToolkit Script Studio allows you to import scripts from scene.

VizToolkit Script Studio substantially reduces time you spend on writing scripts.

Key features

  • code highlighting for viz3 scripting language
  • code completion
  • code insight
  • code folding for subroutines, functions, structures and regions
  • code automation features including snippet insertion, surround with… and viz path insertion
  • units mechanism – with VizToolkit Script Studio you can define units in your project and reuse them in your scripts
  • units library allows you to hold most valuable script parts in one place and add them to projects at will
  • scripts importing from viz|engine to your project
  • remote code compilation mechanism allows you to compile your scripts directly on viz|engine/viz|artist
  • scene/script linking to elements in your project
  • predefined viz events editor – VizToolkit Script Studio comes with basic set of defined container/scene script events. This set is valid for viz version 3.3.x. Events editor allows you to update this list with new entries to match events in your production environment.

… and many improvements and bug fixes

License information

VizToolkit Script Studio is licensed per developer. It means each copy of a product is licensed to a single user. If your development team consists of more than one VizToolkit Script Studio developer you need to purchase number of licenses that matches number of team members using the software.

We recognize that you may use more than one machine for development, and our license permits our products to be installed on multiple PCs. Work machine, home computer, laptop — one price covers all locations.

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