First and most basic product in our offer. VizToolkit Controls Library is dedicated especially for software developers/programmers.
It’s a package which provides easy to implement mechanisms which will allow your application to communicate with viz engine machines. VizToolkit allows you to start programming viz control applications in no time.

Current version contains following controls:

  • VizConnection – handles connection to viz|engine and provides all necessary methods for any communication model.
  • VizConnectionButton – linked with VizConnection component gives you complete solution for establishing connection to viz|engine. Once placed on a form and linked with VizConnection you do not need to write any code to connect to your production machine.
  • VizActionButton – perfect for simple communication model. Allows you to set an action or command that will be sent to viz|engine
  • VizManager – manages all VizActionButtons

VizToolkit Controls Library is totally free! There are no hidden costs! Start writing your viz|engine control applications right now.


Support forum

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