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VCP: Trick 2 – Creating components at runtime
by Hormon

Most users create templates in an old fashioned way. They take the scene, place required controls and components on template form and write some code. Although it’s nothing wrong with that (I do it all the time) sometimes I’m really frustrated. Mostly because I have to do copy and paste for the tenth time for a similar scene but with some new functionality added. I’m really lazy, so at some point I started to think of a way to construct some kind of a mechanism to do this work for me.[ … read more ]

VCP: Trick 1 – Allowing user to enable/disable button on template form
by Hormon

This is the first article in the series about Viz Content Pilot Tips and Tricks. I decided to share with you some of the usefull tricks to be used in templates. Some of them you may find easy, some are more complicated or at least look that way. All of them I used in at my work to provide users with some functionalities which are not present in VCP and have to be programmed from scratch. [ … read more ]