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Viz3 Scripting: Scripting Library
by Hormon

Last few days I spent making a small scripting object in viz3 scripting which will allow me to animate interactive panels from whithin script. I already had some functions to do that so basically I had to put it all together. So here it is – Animation Easing scripting object. [ … read more ]

Viz3 Scripting: Zooming and Dragging
by Hormon

One of my subscribers asked me if I can make an article about zooming containers using viz3 script. I realized that there is rather poor documentation about implementing that kind of things. So I decided to create this short tutorial about dragging and zooming containers to fill this gap.[ … read more ]

Viz3 Scripting: Reusable button script
by Hormon

Nice thing about viz3 scripting is that you can create some parts of code to be reusable. This means, when you construct them the proper way – it is easy to adopt them to new projects later on. In my experiance most often used is a button script. So in this short tutorial I’m going to show you how you can create simple button script that you can use at any time later on in interactive scenes. [ … read more ]

Viz3 Scripting: Shared Memory Map – Part 2: Simple Communication Model
by Hormon

In previous post I explained basic usage of Shared Memory Map in Viz|Artist 3.x. This time we’ll take deeper look into it and I’ll show you how to construct simple communication model to share data and raise events on among different scenes on different machines. [ … read more ]

Viz3 Scripting: Shared Memory Map – Part 1: Basics
by Hormon

Viz 3.x introduced quite a number of improvements – starting with internal scripting, through new interface features and scene construction possibilities. One of my favourites is Shared Memory feature, so I’m going to talk for a while about that. [ … read more ]