New version of VizToolkit Script Studio is out! Those of you, who already purchased a license can make an upgrade to new version for free (current license key will work). Those of you, who still hesitate, can download a free trial here.

VizToolkit Script Studio 1.5 contains new fatures like: Intellisense support for viz3 script (code completion, code insight) and improved viz browsers. We’ve added editor color themes combobox and you can now switch between default and VizArtist color themes. New version also comes with a lot of bug-fixes. We’ve fixed encoding bug when importing scripts from viz|engine, improved stability of application.

For more information please visit VizToolkit Script Studio product page. I’ve prepared some basic Getting Started and Features Overview screencasts that should help you out to make first steps with our product. Hope you’ll enjoy using it as much as we did when we made it.

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